HappyFeet Boston Soccer

"Story time with a soccer ball"

Demo Classes at the Good Shepherd School in Charlestown, September 3rd, 2015

First class is @: 11:00am

          HappyFeet Boston Legends provides a world-class soccer program that helps children develop a love for fitness, a healthy                             positive self-concept, strong character and creative leadership skills. HappyFeet employees a unique, entertaining, age                             appropriate soccer experience to Greater Boston's youth. Our coaches are educators first, so you know your child is being                 taught by someone with childhood education experience who cares.

Each child is trusted with their own soccer ball.

Ages 2 to 5: Classes are split up by age group.

30 Minute class period: NASPE recommended length for this age & activity level.

Small class size.

Creative and fun ways of teaching both basic and advanced soccer skills.

Positive reenforcement, demonstration and active coaching.

To reserve your child a space in the free classes being held on September 3rd E-mail: info@happyfeetboston.com

Email or call with Questionscarter@happyfeetboston.com or call (857)-209-4352


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