2016 - 2017 School Year


Museum of Fine Arts Family Night!

We invited our families for an evening activity with the MFA.  Families worked together to make beautiful sun catchers from brightly colored tissue paper and then added decorative beading!  It was so fun to do this artwork together and with the help of our MFA instructors!

On Wednesday, February 8th, the Museum of Fine Arts came for a visit about Claude Monet and Impressionism!

We tried painting in different styles, some friends used water colors and tissue paper, while others used tape and pastels to do resist water color painting!  We hope you attend our Art Show and Ice Cream Social later in the Spring to view our work!

On Wednesday, January 18, the Children's Discovery Museum came for a visit about Dinosaurs!

All of our students had a chance to be a Paleontologist and dig for bones and fossils!  They learned about Dinosaur eggs and how to build a nest for the eggs to keep them safe and camouflaged as they became ready to hatch!  What a fun morning!

Our Christmas Pageant was a great success!

The children worked so hard on their classroom songs and learning their marks for the nativity scene.  We were so happy to share this special event with you and celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

The whole school came together for a Thanksgiving Feast!

The Manatees prepared mashed potatoes, the Dolphins baked pumpkin bread, the Whales provided bread, butter, and Miss Cathy made banana bread, and the Turtles made cranberry sauce.  Along with chicken nuggets and apple cider, we had quite the feast.  We have so much to be thankful for!

We invited our Grand Parents to visit our classrooms on November 3 & 4.  We had so much fun showing them how we spend our day and introducing them to our friends and teachers!


The Halloween parade was fun for all!