The Good Shepherd School is a private institution which is governed by a Board of Directors:

  • Kathy Devaney
  • Peter Dodds (Board Chair)
  • Jon-Luc Dupuy
  • J.J. Gilmartin
  • Lesley Hauser
  • Kerry Hawkins
  • Heather Jenkins
  • Father James Ronan, Ph.D.
  • Tracy Shea
  • Todd Shipman

school staff

Purple Manatee Teachers

Michelle Mady, BS

Theo Marston

Gray Dolphin Teachers

Lorraine Prendergast, BS, M.Ed

Alicia Lyons, BA, M.Ed

Blue Whale Teachers

Amanda Ruiz, BS

Cathleen Lopez, BA

Green Sea Turtle Teachers

Lucia Fellows, BA, M.Ed

Jessie Rives, BA, M.Ed



Jessica Maxwell, BS, M.Ed

Administrative Assistant

Jacqui Carli

Building and Grounds

Oscar Calderdon

Business Manager

James Santosuosso


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