About Us


Mission & Philosophy

MISSION: Good Shepherd School prepares its students for a life of joy by growing in the love Jesus.  We seek to integrate this belief into all aspects of our educational programs.

VISION: Excellence in Catholic Preschool Education:

  • We serve families in the Greater Charlestown community
  • We provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • We encourage inquiry, independence, and self-discovery
  • We develop spiritual and emotional well-being, and respect for all
  • We employ faculty who are highly trained Early Childhood Educators
  • We prepare our students for Kindergarten by the use of a variety of academic enrichment programs across all domains

PHILOSOPHY: Students at Good Shepherd School:

  • Receive a faith based Catholic education and begin to understand the value of a life of faith, justice, and service to others – especially the less fortunate
  • Experience a learning environment that emphasizes curiosity, fun, discovery, independence, and supports developmentally appropriate practices enhancing each child’s preparedness for Kindergarten
  • Engage in a blend of purposeful play that supports a child’s curiosity to explore math, science, language arts, and social studies following the educational frameworks of the Commonwealth
  • Develop an understanding of and respect for others, especially for classmates and peers whose background and perspectives are different from their own
  • Participate in and benefit from a dynamic school community evidenced by collaboration and mutual support

History & Future

HISTORY: The Good Shepherd School is an independent Catholic preschool for children aged 2 to 5 years old.  GSS was formed through the leadership of the pastor, Father James Ronan Ph.D., along with a Board of parents, citizens, and friends who saw a great need for a Catholic preschool in the Charlestown neighborhood. GSS officially opened its doors in October of 2009.

FUTURE: The Good Shepherd School strives to be a community driven school for our neighborhood children. As we continue to fulfill the needs of our neighborhood we hope to strengthen the connect from classroom to home to community.

Spirituality & Religion

We provide children the opportunity to learn about the Catholic religion and faith through regular lessons,
prayers, and rituals in the chapel and classroom. We visit our Chapel every Monday at the end
of the morning to meet with Sister Nancy, sing songs, and pray. Each child has an opportunity to participate by
taking turns reading the prayers of the faithful each week.