Mission & Philosophy

MISSION: Our mission is to serve the diverse range of families that comprise our community by providing
a Catholic education to children aged 2 to 5 years in a nurturing environment. Our goal is to cultivate the
intellectual, physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being of each child through comprehensive,
developmentally appropriate programs that strengthen the school-family partnership and enrich the lives
and learning experiences of the children.

PHILOSOPHY: We believe that a supportive community is essential to help all children realize their
potential. We follow the practices subscribed to by the National Association for the Education of Young
Children and offer a safe and stimulating atmosphere in which preschool-aged children can thrive. Our
faith-based program is designed to provide a variety of experiences and activities that will arouse curiosity,
encourage exploration, and develop healthy, rewarding relationships with both teachers and peers,
grounded in our Catholic values.

History & Future

HISTORY: The Good Shepherd School was formed through the leadership of Father James Ronan Ph.D.,
Pastor of St. Mary-St Catherine of Siena parish in Charlestown, Massachusetts and a Board of parents,
citizens, and friends who saw a great need for a Catholic preschool in its Charlestown neighborhood. The
Good Shepherd School officially opened its doors in October of 2009.

FUTURE: The Good Shepherd School strives to be a community driven school for our neighborhood
children. As we continue to fulfil the needs of our neighborhood we hope to strengthen the connect from
classroom to home to community.

Spirituality & Religion

We provide children the opportunity to learn about the Catholic religion and faith through regular lessons,
prayers, and rituals in the chapel and classroom. We visit our Chapel every Monday at the end
of the morning to meet with Sister Nancy, sing songs, and pray. Each child has an opportunity to participate by
taking turns reading the prayers of the faithful each week.